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John Lang

John Lang (1816–1864) was an influential Australian lawyer, newspaper editor, and author. He was one of the first Australian-born people to be admitted as a lawyer in New South Wales. Lang wrote several notable books on the history and culture of Australia, and his works remain widely studied today.

Brian Henderson

Brian Henderson (born 1931) is a renowned Australian television presenter and newsreader. He worked as a news anchor for Channel Nine in Sydney for over 40 years. Henderson gained significant popularity for his role as the host of the Australian television music program "Bandstand."

Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet is the stage name of Jack Levi (born 1944), an Australian stand-up comedian known for his deadpan and one-liner style of humor. Goblet has had a successful career in comedy and has performed at various comedy festivals and television shows.

Emily Browning

Emily Browning (born 1988) is an Australian actress and singer. She gained recognition for her roles in movies such as "A Series of Unfortunate Events" and "Sucker Punch." Browning has received critical acclaim for her performances and continues to be an active and notable figure in the film industry.

David Ritchie

David Ritchie was a respected Australian diplomat and public servant. He served as the Australian High Commissioner to India from 2003 to 2008 and held various other diplomatic positions throughout his career. Ritchie was highly regarded for his contributions to international relations and diplomacy.

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